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     EL::session - Perl API abstration to WEB session programing


     use EL::session;
     my $ses = EL::session->new(
                     data_dir => '/var/tmp/sessions',
                     lock_dir => '/var/lock/sessions',


     Create WEB  sessions, very  useful in WEB  aplications that  need to
 preserve  data (parameters)  between http  requests. The  parameters are
 store  in  a  file  in  the  server side.  Client  side  does  not  need
 to  have  cookies  resources.  For  default, data  files  are  store  in
 '/var/tmp/sessions' and lock files in '/var/lock/sessions'.


     Create session with expires `$expires' time.
     $sid = $ses->sid
     Get session identification of the session.
     OBS: Session  identification  needs  to be  preserved  between  http
          requests in the  usual way (GET or POST). However,  can be used
          the lib  EL::cgi (url method)  to embeded sid  automatically in
          URLs. It's very cool and I recomend!
     Open session identify by `$sid'.
     $ses->set($param,$value) or $ses->set(%params)
     Store parameters in session data file.
     Clean parameters of the session data file.
     Get parameter store in session data file.
     Get expires time set in create method.
     Destroy session, by removing data and lock file.


     use strict;
     use EL::session;
     use EL::cgi;
     my $cgi = EL::cgi->new;
     my $ses = EL::session->new;
     if ($cgi->('SID')) {
     else {
     # Embeded parameter `SID=<sid>' in URLs (its cool!!)


     Ednardo Lobo <>


     EL::lib, Apache::Session